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Obviously You Have Good Taste

Welcome To The Bead Boutique online shop where all your waist dreams come true.

Every waist line has a story, what's yours?

Waist-beads and so much more!

Waist Beads

Waist Beads

Waist Beads range between $10 for solid colors and up to $25 for crystals. Please keep in mind, if crystals or charms are requested, we will send you an invoice via email to pay the balance.


Our waist beads are custom-made to your liking. Chenda’s Waist Beads are a permanent way to monitor your weight loss, healing, self-confidence, body adornment goals, and much more! Our goal is to show women of any size that self-love and confidence starts within. 


Waist Beads come in many different shapes, colors,  and sizes. We offer custom designs and can add decorative stones, crystals, or charms for a unique touch.


Waist beads and crystals are of traditional African ancestry that are adorn around the waist or hips. They embrace, represent, and encourage mindfulness, intention, femininity, sensuality, a women's womb, women empowerment as a  whole, and so much more!

    $10.00 Regular Price
    $6.00Sale Price
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